Jumpstart Your Telepathic Abilities and Connect at the Heart With Animals So You Can Fully Experience the Joy and Healing of Animal Communication

Animal Communication Made Easy With the How to Talk to Animals Beginning Core Foundations Premier Online Course

Are you looking for the fastest, easiest and all encompassing way for you to learn animal communication, in just a few fun, entertaining and inspiring classes?  I hear you!  Guess what?  You found it!

Many animal lovers think, “I wish my dog could talk to me” or “my cat is behaving funny, I wish I knew what they were feeling” or they simply can’t understand why their sweet loving horse is suddenly biting, acting skittish or running away. Everyone secretly wishes they could hear their pet’s thoughts, know what they’re thinking and access their wisdom.

What if you really could hear their voice? What if they were able to truly understand what you need them to know? What if there was a simple and effective system for connecting and communicating with animals that you could easily learn how to do?

My colleague and professional animal communicator Joan Ranquet says, “Animal communication is demystified when you realize how much you are already doing it. If you come home from work, after a stressful day, they are aware of it. If you are not on your “game” because of your physical health, they are aware of it.”

She’s right!!  You don’t have to be psychic or carry a crystal ball, discovering how to communicate telepathically with animals is something you were born knowing how to do.  As you grew up, you simply forgot.  It’s time to remember how.  In these 5 profoundly simple entertaining classes (you could finish in a day, no travel required), you will learn easy to use tools, proven effective techniques and step by step tips that will reveal and enhance your communication with all animals.  Your life will never be the same again.

Learn to communicate in the language your animal truly understands

Animal Communication happens all the time and is going on all around you. In the most basic form of body language, sounds, cues and signals. But the animals in your household are also picking up on your words and feelings, and you pick up on theirs too. This self study course offers tried and true simple steps that every animal lover can do.  You will learn how to connect with animals in a whole new meaningful way, and enjoy a deep spiritual communion.  Doing that opens the gateway to a profound mutual understanding of each other’s needs, wants and desires.


  • Regular access to a computer/iPad with an internet connection
  • Hidden Secrets to Animal Communication ebook
  • Sincere love of animals
  • A desire to communicate and understand their language
  • No Prior Animal Communication Experience is required.

“A year from now you will wish you had started today.” Karen Lamb

Who is the Beginning Animal Communication Foundations Course for?

  • All animal parents who are ready to improve their relationships with their animals in an authentic, loving, compassionate way
  • Professionals who work with animals including veterinarians and vet technicians, animal behaviorists, pet sitters, dog walkers, dog and horse trainers and groomers who want to better understand and meet their animal’s needs so they can be happier and healthier and go on to live long productive lives
  • Sport and competitive animal enthusiasts including dressage, hunter jumpers, race horses, cow horses, and of course, competitive show dog people — who want to improve their game, have more fun, advance their performance to the next level
  • Rescue and shelter staff and volunteers, foster dog, horse and cat caretakers who want to improve their ability to help their charges and to help them heal from trauma so they can find their new perfect families and homes
  • Animal trainers who want to stop struggling with their client’s animals (and the owners) and get faster, better results with more confidence and ease
  • YOU if you are ready to stop chasing your tail wasting your time, energy and emptying your pocketbook without first finding out what the problems actually are from your animals viewpoint

What’s Included?  I’m glad you asked!  Check this out: 

Bonus Training: Awaken Your Inner Guidance System Course

Gain More Clarity, Boost Your Confidence and Get Unstuck with Your Pets and your LIFE! 
  • Learn a remarkably powerful method of accessing intuitive information quickly and easily with anyone you need to contact, whether they are animals, Spirit, Angels or even God
  • Are you undermining your success? Discover how to stop sabotaging yourself and gain more clarity in your communications with animals.
  • You’ll also gain more confidence in good decision making.
  • Learning how to awaken your inner Guidance System will put you way ahead of the rest of the pack and will make learning animal communication a breeze for you.
  • This Special Bonus Training Course is optional (digital, 75 minutes audio plus handout) will help you dramatically and quickly develop your communication skills and you can use it in so many ways, it can even change your life.
  • One student said she learned more in this one class than she had in 5 years of therapy!

Class 1: Build Your Foundation

It All Starts with Heart & the Right Mindset
  • The real truth about animal communication – what it is and what it is not.
  • 3 critical issues you must get clear on before communication can begin
  • 2 specific areas in your animal’s life – and your life, too – that will improve tremendously once you learn to talk and listen to your animal.
  • The one critical factor that can influence how receptive you are to communication… and how willing animals will be to communicate with you.
  • How to focus your mind like a satellite receiver dish so you can easily receive communications from your animal
  • And MUCH more!

Class 2: How to Receive Telepathic Thoughts

  • Identify the one stumbling block you unintentionally create that slams the door to communication with your animal… and how to easily break through the obstacle for a smooth path of two-way communication.
  • How you actually “hear” or receive messages from your animal…your receiving mechanism may surprise you, and once you understand how it works, you can embrace communication with confidence.
  • How to shift your body into a receptive mode so your animal’s message can flow to you as easily as water.
  • How to fine-tune your concentration and focus so you’ll be vividly aware of communication coming your way.
  • Over 20 specific health issues you can discover through communicating with your animal so you can provide the appropriate measures to help them.
  • How to quiet your mind so you can increase your perceptions and open up to receive communication.

Class 3: Deepening Your Accuracy & Connection

  • A ground-breaking meditation exercise that allows you to become an excellent observer as you use all 5 senses to explore messages you receive.
  • A surprising (but highly effective) meditation technique that clears your mind of cluttering thoughts.
  • A simple way to explore moving energy that increases your awareness of your surroundings so communication is crystal clear.
  • How to work through the painful decision of euthanasia and what your animal can tell you about how they wish to make the transition.
  • How to help an animal that is grieving because of the death of a loved one (animal or human).
  • And MUCH more!

Class 4: Become One With Your Animal

  • How to discover your “energy signature” or the energy frequency you resonate from.
  • What to do when you’re not in sync with your animal and how to reconnect for clear communication.
  • The ONE most direct and complete method of communication that brings a totally new perspective to communicating with animals. Once you understand this, you’ll receive validation and confirmation that what you’re receiving is the message intended.
  • How to experience your animal’s feelings, senses, and thoughts in UNION with them…rather than from your separate human viewpoint.
  • An incredible exercise that allows you to feel your animal’s emotions. You’ll also glimpse into how your animal smells, sees, hears, touches, and tastes so the messages you receive are crystal clear.
  • And MUCH more!

Class 5: Q & A Coaching Class

To take the time to integrate, process and practice what you’ve learned and explore the wonderful world of animal communication on your own. You will discover many wonderful insights, wisdom and Ah HA! life changing moments. You’ll ALSO discover new questions you didn’t know you had, encounter opportunities to get stuck or frustrated, and may wonder about your accuracy rates. What you’ll need and most appreciate at that point in your journey is the chance to ask your new questions, receive guidance and more support! Value $250

Success Stories

  • Val, my experience in the Beginning Core Foundations and the bonus Awaken Your Inner Guidance Courses is amazing!

    You taught us how to engage in a dialogue with spirit beings. I have been told that I have many guardian angels so I expected that choosing one to talk to would be difficult, however it was not. She immediately came to me. Her name is Madras (I sort of chuckled since it means mother). I asked her my questions and she responded in a very matter of fact manner. I think you used the word authoritative, and that is the way she was. She also has a very different “voice” from my own. In doing the steps to “check” the validity, this event passed on all counts. So, I thanked her. Now I want to thank YOU, Val! This is improving my life in ways that I could not even imagine.

    Beth Borchers
  • I just wanted to express to you how so very pleased I am with you and the course you have put together

    I just finished the “listening” section in Class 2. I signed up for the Beginning and Advance Courses a couple of weeks ago when you offered your 25% discount. I have been a bit hesitant in diving into it, I guess because of my resistance around the erroneous beliefs I hold that tell me I won’t be able to talk with animals. Well, I am moving out of the resistance and stepping into the Truth that I do in fact have the ability to make my dream of becoming an Animal Communicator into a reality. I just feel so happy that I picked you as my teacher. Every time I hear you speak, I love you more and more. 🙂 Your tender heart resonates profoundly with mine. Yum! I am imagining myself doing wonderful work with animals. I look forward to an incredible journey under your tutelage. Thank you Val! I will be sharing myself and my journey on the Forum soon. I AM moving onto a Heart Path with my beloved Animal Friends…..and human ones too, like you! Thank You, Thank You.

    Pamela Ferarese, Boise Idaho
  • THIS Course Took Me Where No Other Course Ever Had!

    I have taken other animal communication courses before but didn’t get very far, so I had given up. But when I worked with Val, I was so delighted that I decided to try again, so I got her world’s first How to Talk to Animals, The Complete System: Beginning Core Foundations Home Study Course ™ .I am amazed at how fast I can connect with my senior dog Casey after only two classes! For instance, I was able to find out what caused the stress he was experiencing and where he had pain.It was an awesome experience. I have never felt more confident about my ability to communicate with all animals. My questions, concerns, doubts have been addressed. And I know that being able to communicate with animals will also help me with my Reiki work with animals. If you are interested in learning how to communicate with animals, I highly recommended Val’s How to Talk to Animals, The Complete System: Beginning Core Foundations Home Study Course ™ I have been meditating for many years and I find the meditations in the program very powerful. It will help you get to the quiet space where communion and communication takes place. The Course is wonderful, well-researched and life changing

    Priscilla Lo, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • The Beginning Animal Communication Course helped me connect with any animal at will, whenever I need to!

    This amazing Course was a heart opening experience. What joy I feel! The truth is, practicing interspecies communication has me bursting with gratitude even a little giddy at times. Before the course I received spontaneous pictures/visuals from animals communicating with me. They always initiated the communication I received and I felt good about my interpretations. However, I felt I had trouble initiating a connection myself. Also, I often doubted I had successfully communicated my intent/message to the animal/insect/plant. What changed? I was able to connect with animals at will; fine tune my interpretations and increase confidence in my sending ability. How? By using all of my senses as taught during the course instead of just visual.The more I sat in the energy the more my heart opened I could literally “feel” the animal communicate throughout my mind and body. Val’s coaching and intuitive knowing along with time devoted to the learning process was just the jump start I needed. The group energy boosted my senses and intuition like an energy drink boosts the body’s physical energy. And now? What fun! The more I invite animals/insects/plants to communicate, the more they do and the more my heart and senses open up to send and receive. So practice does indeed make “purrrfect”. Are you considering a retreat? Well, I believe I attended the retreat with no preconceived idea of how it would go or any great expectations of myself. It felt like that was a “good thing” for me enabling me to be open to any new ways and giving me free rein to “go with the flow”. So happy I didn’t have time before the course to think too much about it. Funny how I always get just what I need when I need it, bet you will too if you take Val’s course. She is truly a master communicator and teacher. Thank you Val, fellow students and animal teachers!!

    Andy’s friend, Jo Stafford
  • Since starting the Beginning Course, I now have birds landing on my balcony and

    I have hummingbirds coming to my flowers. The neighbor’s cat keep escaping, trying to get in my door. I asked Tigger (the cat) if it would be okay if her and I had a conversation after I finished the course. Dogs on the street are lunging to get at me, in a good way…lol It’s an amazing new life, thank you. ❤ I’m not finished the course yet, it has already made such a wonderful change in my life.

    Wendy B

Beginning Animal Communication Course

When you invest in the How to Talk to Animals: Beginning Core Foundations Course ™ you’ll receive everything described above PLUS you’ll get:

Special Bonus Training Course! Awaken Your Inner Guidance System: Gain More Clarity, Boost Your Confidence and Get Unstuck with Your Pets Awaken YOUR Inner Guidance This remarkably powerful method of helps you access information quickly and easily with anyone you want to contact (animals, Spirit, Angels or even God). You’ll also learn the #1 way you may be undermining your communication with animals, and gain confidence in decision making. You’ll get this very special Bonus Training that will help you dramatically develop your skills and that you can use in many ways and situations. I will tell you that learning this Special Training will put you way ahead of the rest of the pack and will make learning animal communication a breeze for you. (value $97)
Animal Talk Coaching Club Power Call  Extraordinary things happen in the Animal Talk Coaching Club!  Experience the power of a recorded Live Q&A Call.  Students claim that this was one of the most powerful, life changing and inspiring coaching calls so far! (value $97).  And now? You can learn what they learned that inspired them so much! 
Animal Lovers Rolodex Val’s favorite pet resources compiled in one place for easy access. This valuable resource is updated frequently (value priceless)
TIPS Sheet Handout (value $47) You’ll refer to this lovely Animal Talk TIPS synopsis often to review and help you remember ALL the key points to communicating with animals. It comes in an expanded version as well as a handy condensed version to carry with you.
Certificate of Completion for the How to Talk to Animals: Beginning Core Foundations Course ™ Complete each of the lesson modules and receive your Certificate!  You’ll be proud to hang it on your wall and show your friends or even employers or clients! Completion of all the Course Classes is required. (value priceless)

– A Comprehensive, Fun and Inspiring Training Program Designed to Awaken and Grow Your Intuitive Abilities and Understanding so You Can Communicate With Animals in Just 6 Wonderful Classes, Begin Your Animal Communication Journey Today! –

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Remember, your animal’s life, health, well-being and happiness depends on your ability to understand their messages to you, every day. By starting to learn now, you’ll be there for them when they most need you to hear their voice.

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