Your Attitude Towards Animal Communication Can Block and Keep You Stuck

How willing are you to invite your animal to teach you something you don’t know yet?  

cat communicationAre you open to learning from animals and being guided by them?  They are spiritual beings disguised in animal forms, and can access information and alternate dimensions in the space and time continuum.  

Do you know that their wisdom and viewpoints are as valid and important your own?  Often, they know things you don’t know…  yet!  

Or, are you more interested in communicating with animals so you can make them do what you want them to do?  

Animal communication helps resolve problems but it it not mind control.

Like you, they do what they want to do given what they understand and feel guided to do.  

Wanting to communicate with animals so that they will obey you better, be less of a nuisance or problem and to conform themselves to your lifestyle and beliefs is a challenging place to begin any conversation.  

How would you feel if someone approached you like that?

More than any other factor, your attitude towards an animal influences how receptive they are to your communicating with them.  

Your attitude sets the stage for how willing they will be to communicate back with you openly, honestly and responsively.  And that makes your attitude the most critical factor in animal communication.  

Because if you are closed off, stuck in your own limiting viewpoint and not open to learning what you don’t know yet, then animals aren’t going to want to talk to you!

For instance…

Fascinating True Story!

horse communicationI was called in to assist with a 3 year old quarter horse filly who was in training, learning how to cut cows.  Danny, her trainer, was well known for being very good at his work.  He bred and trained world champion cutting horses and had competed very successfully his whole life.  

He was at his wits end because everything he’d tried so far with this filly had met with no success.  She just wasn’t ‘getting it’.  He thought she might be slow, or that there was something wrong with her… He worried she was in pain but the vet had checked her out and couldn’t find anything wrong.  

Maybe she just didn’t have the talent for the job even though she had the breeding and conformation for it.  He was on the verge of sending her home in defeat and telling her owner that she’d never be a cutting horse.

When I communicated with the horse, I asked her what was going on.  

To my surprise, she told me she didn’t like his attitude.  He didn’t know who she really was, and that he called her a bad name.  Why should she do anything he asked her to do?  She was insulted and felt Danny was rude and disrespectful.  

I told Danny what I’d heard and Danny confirmed that he called her Rat.  He thought of her as stupid, obstinate and contrary.

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She told us that her “real” name was Wind Dancer.  She said that if he’d call her by her real name and begin treating her with some respect, she’d consider working and learning from him.  She felt certain she could do the job, but wasn’t even willing to try until he changed his attitude.

Being a red neck cowboy, Danny was concerned about calling her Wind Dancer in front of his peers so we negotiated.  He finally agreed to call her Windy, understanding and agreeing that it was only a nickname for her true spirit and nature.  She in turn agreed to learn about cutting cows.

She went on to make a fine cutting horse, and Danny was amazed at how quickly she turned around and started mastering the game.

What’s your attitude toward animals?  

How you answer this question will affect how easy it is for you to communicate with animals and how willing they will be to talk to you!

Take a reality check:  What qualities come to mind when you consider your animal companions?  Write down at least 5 qualities right now.  

You might notice them as being loyal, loving, patient, kind, playful, intelligent, trusting, honest, direct, affectionate…

You might also notice other qualities to describe them, write those down too, even if they may seem negative, like impatient, confused, frightened or aggressive.  

Everything your animal does is in an effort to communicate something very important to you.

Your job is to notice, be more consciously aware, and begin a conversation on what they are telling you.  I promise you that animals have their own unique viewpoints that are valid and reasonable – in their mind.

Respect animals as spiritual beings with innate knowledge and wisdom, and make an effort to understand and appreciate their own unique viewpoint and sense of purpose.

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